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PCMN hosts three (3) Christmas Parties for Children last December 2021

PCMN was able to reach 400 children in its conduct of Christmas Parties for Children last December 17, and 22 respectively, in partnership with Viva, Lions District Club of Bataan Peninsula, and Silverland Homes.

Last November 2021, PCMN launched its fundraising platforms in order to raise funds for ministries for children.

Its pilot campaign was the Donation Campaign: A Call for Children in this pandemic: Give to At-Risk Children this Christmas!

Three Christmas Parties.png

Children who participated in the morning and afternoon Christmas Parties at Montalban, Rizal last December 17, 2021.

PCMN, in partnership with Viva


PCMN partners with different organizations in order to provide platforms for children to celebrate the Christmas season. Annually, PCMN partners with Viva to sponsor the Christmas Party. This 2021, two (2) Christmas Parties for Children were held in Montalban (Rodriguez), Rizal through the support of the PCMN’s emerging network in the province of Rizal last December 17.


One hundred seventy (170) children attended the morning party at Phase 4 Eastwood Residences Covered Court, San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal, and 150 children attended the afternoon party at Doña Maria Subd. Covered Court, Burgos, Rodriguez, Rizal. The working group prepared activities with small tokens as prizes for the children.


As part of the program, the gospel was shared through a simple First Christmas skit, as explained by Pastor Norberto and Pastora Precilda. PCMN Network Development Officer, Ms. Hanna San Jose, also tackled an overview about the safety of children, particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 situation.


The working group, led by Pastor Norberto and Pastora Precilda Endab, was composed of the pastors and key leaders of eight (8) local churches in Montalban: God is our Provider Church, Mount Pleasant Community, Good News Assemblies, ACCF and NCF (for the morning party), and Synagogue for Jesus with 2 local outreaches (for the afternoon party).


PCMN, in partnership with Lions District Club of Bataan Peninsula, and Silverland Homes


PCMN initiated a Special Call for Children to provide Christmas Party Gift Pack for At-Risk Children last December 2021. Each donation of P200 sponsored a meal and a toy for a child-at-risk. With this campaign drive, PCMN tapped Lions District Club of Bataan Peninsula and Silverland Homes to host a Christmas Party for Children, in partnership with Viva.








Last December 22, the Christmas Party for children in Bataan gathered 60 children at Silverland Homes Basketball Court and another 20 children in the afternoon session in one of the barangays in Bataan. Similar to the Christmas Party in Rizal, the organizing team also prepared fun games and activities for children as well as small tokens for prizes. 


“The pandemic has ravaged our communities which particularly is endangering children’s welfare. This Christmas Party focuses on children and provides a platform for awareness on their safety offline and online.” PCMN National Director, Ms. Fe A. Foronda, noted as she mentioned the importance of providing safe space for children, especially in celebrating Christmas during the pandemic.


PCMN commends all individual partners, member organizations, and third-party donors who provided generous support to the safeguarding of children at risk in the midst of pandemic. PCMN continues to provide safe spaces for children!


To continue the work of PCMN in safeguarding children, donate through the following channels:


Gcash: 0956 170 5231



Metrobank Account Name: Philippine Children's Ministries Network

Metrobank Account Number: 304-7-30452512-2 | Swift Code: MBTCPHMM



Three Christmas Parties (1).png
Three Christmas Parties (2).png

Children who participated in the afternoon Christmas Party at Rodriguez, Rizal last December 17, 2021.

Children in the afternoon session in one of the barangays in Bataan last December 22, 2021.

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