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"Children enjoying the fullness of  life in a loving and nurturing environment"



PCMN is a network of Christian
organization working for the protection of children which responds through:

(1) building capacities of the networks and partners
(2) engages partners, develops, and links local networks
(3) empowers partnerships on programs, projects
(4) convenes network organization and
(5) mobilizing financial and technical resources


The Historical Background

Philippine Childrens Ministries Network, Inc. is established in November 1998 as a network of Christian non-government organizations and churches with ministry to children-at-risk. PCMN has become a unifying voice for the 51 member organizations and churches in advocating for the protection and participation of children and youth. Over the years, it assisted in the establishment of local networks in the different parts of the country: North-ern Samar Children’s Ministries Network, Inc.(NSCMN) in Northern Samar; Eastern Samar Child’s Rights Advo-cates Network (ESCRAN) in Eastern Samar; Negros Children’s Ministries Network (NCMN)in Negros Occidental; and the Mindanao Children’s Ministries Network (MCMN) in Davao, and also clusters in the National Capital Re-gion (NCR): Manila City Cluster, Caloocan City Cluster and the Quezon City Cluster. Though this local networks and clusters several programs and activities were efficiently and successfully implemented. Since its formation, PCMN served as the Commission on Children of the Philippine Council of the Evangelical Churches and an affili-ate network of Viva – UK and Viva – Hongkong. It also partnered with UNICEF – Philippines, Tearfund Nether-lands and UK on several advocacies on Child Trafficking and capacity building initiatives for the local networks and churches, and in relief & recovery efforts in typhoon Haiyan affected areas. The Network is a member of Fund Philippines, Philippine Inter-faith Movement Against Trafficking (PhIMAT) and Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) – National Child Protection Working Group.

PCMN’s Thrusts and Focus

“Protecting Filipino Children as We Restore Lives Together” as an organization’s purpose statement has guided the Network and its members to endeavor in unifying the Body of Christ become a strong voice for and in behalf of the children and youth at risk. All its endeavors are in-line with the 5 Focused Issues: Child Protection, Child in Disaster, Prevention of Child and Youth Sexual Abuse, Mitigating and Preventing Children in Trafficking Situation and Child Hunger.

At the on-set of Typhoon Haiyan, PCMN responded to the immediate needs of the survivors and the continued recovery and rehabilitation efforts in the 6 most affected towns in Eastern Samar. It also provided psycho-social support to children in other areas affected by the typhoon like Cebu, Ormoc, Leyte and Tondo in Manila and oth-ers. More and more churches and local organizations are engaged in the advocacy on child and youth sexual abuse through the Youth for Safety Projects in the clusters of NCR.