Resources and Training Materials

Understanding God's Heart for Children (UGHC)

A toolkit for Biblical and effective parenting.

  • Facilitator’s Manual Php120.00

  • “Skrapbuk” for parent participant Php70.00

  • Fliptarp Php1,000.00


70.00 - 1,000.00

Life skills Module for “Batang Kasambahay”

A toolkit to increase the level of life skills and awareness of children and young people especially those at risk of abuse.

  • Facilitator’s Manual Php50.00

  • “Skrapbuk” for parent participant Php20.00


20.00 - 50.00

Basic Orientation Module for Children Advocate (BOMCA)

A set of modules for capacitating children and young people to educate their peers on child rights and protective behavior.



Mga Dapat Kong Malaman sa Trapiking

A fliptarp for community education on the prevention of human trafficking



Awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Child Protection in Emergencies

A toolkit and a curriculum in creating readiness against disaster among elementary children.



Safe Child in Disaster

A module on child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.

  • Facilitator’s Manual Php200.00

  • Story Board Php1,720.00

  • Activity Book for Children Php44.00

  • Action Songs (CD Album) Php200.00


44.00 - 1,720.00

Operation Safe Camp Tool Kit

A psychological first aid kit consisting of a manual for Camp Directors and Station Leaders with 56 pages illustrated storyboard.

  • Camp Director’s Manual Php200.00

  • 56 pages Storyboard Php1,900.00

  • Identity bag-pouches Php17.00/pc

  • Character pins Php6.00/pc

  • Others such as towel, glow in the dark beads are available on order


6.00 - 1,900.00

Encouraging Workers for Children

A devotional book written by 38 contributors from those who work with children.



Network Development Reflections

A 40 devotional entries on network development.


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Online Safety of Children

A 9 session- curriculum on keeping children safe from online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC).

  • Curriculum Manual Php 220.00

  • Paraphernalia eg. whistle, bag tag, posters, keychain, t-shirt, etc. is available on orders



VBS "Shield Squad" Package

Vacation Bible School materials on the safety of children in disaster with a Parent's Primer.

1 Package Contains:

  • Director's Manual (1 pc)

  • Teacher's Manual (3 pcs)

  • Hero's Journal (50 pcs)

  • Parent's Primer (1 pc)

  • VBS Poster (1 pc)

  • Music CD (1pc)

  • Name Tags (50 pcs)

  • Attendance Stickers (250)



PCMN Fliptarp_Cover Page.jpg
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Orientation Module on
RA 11188


350.00 - 900.00

Orient core youth leaders/community volunteers on key information about RA 11188 which is the "The Special Protection of Children in Situations of Armed Conflict (CSAC) Act" signed last January 10, 2019.

Available in:

Orientation Module Php 350

Flipchart Php 900