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COVID-19 Cash Relief To Children Victims of Online Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

April 22, 2020 | Feature Story by Garicel Garina

PCMN supports children survivors of online

sexual abuse in a residential care arrangement

and home-based, those reintegrated back to

the families or next of kin before the lockdown.

 “ I am thankful to God for the financial

support extended by PCMN. I am a daily

wage earner and lost my job in the public

market, to support my children. This is a big

help to me and my family.”

This is from a  father of two victims-survivors

who were supported with cash transfer. The

father who is a construction worker at the

time of the crime is away from the family with

his construction job. His wife is in jail, and all

his children taken away by authorities.  After

a year, the children, after proofs that the

father is not in anyway engaged with the crime, were all returned to him.

One grandmother says, “Due to the lockdown, we have nothing much to eat as I  stretch the food pack that the city gave us.   With the cash relief, I was able to buy food, some fruits and vitamins for the kids”.

This grandmother has been taking care of two grandchildren abandoned by their father, while the mother is now in detention for selling children online to foreign customers.

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