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An Emergency on Top of Another: The Internally Displaced People’s Travails in Mindanao

by admin | April 7, 2020 | Emergency Response

While delivering services to the most

marginalised and displaced people

of Mindanao, 6 months ago, 70,000

displaced people of Regions 11 and

12[1], suffered from economic

dislocation due to a series of

earthquake that started in October

2019. This disaster buried houses

and farms of mostly farmers

populace in the regions. Since

October, people lived in

government supervised evacuation



Today, the same areas are again

threathened by a formidable threat

to health, the COVID-19 virus which

has became a global pandemic. It is

an emergency on top of another

emergency, the earthquake

disaster. The cramped situation in

the evacuation camps, lack of WASH facilities, created fear of COVID-19 among the displaced people.


The municipality of Makilala in North Cotabato, has as of writing, manages 15 evacuation camps with 2,926 families located in government managed camps, community-based and or self-settled camps. Today,  seven hundred sixty-three (763) families fled the camps shifting to  home-based and or settling with their tents back to their former residence for fear of COVID-19. With lack of strong health facilities, people are insecure of the situation, and refuses to stay in the camps. PCMN installed a public paging system in 10 camps which serves as a public announcement kioks. Announcements and campaigns to keep people safe against COVID-19 is a daily fixtures in the camps.


PCMN in partnership with the local government leaders in both Makilala and Magsaysay, Davao Del Sur, conducts food relief to families inside the camps to ease out on the food needs by first week of April. Hygiene kits such as masks, alcohol, house disinfectants and others will likewise be distributed to the IDPs to improve and protect from COVID-19.




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