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Chrisler Go

Executive Director


Ministry Address:

4443 Old Sta. Mesa St., Sta.Mesa Manila


Telephone No.

713-3461 to 62


Mobile No.



Email Address:



  Concordia Children’s Services, Inc.


 Every child in a loving Christian family where he or she is nurtured and given the opportunity to grow and develop into a mature, caring, faithful and responsible individual.



To manifest God's love and compassion by nurturing abandoned, neglected and surrendered infants, and empower older children through education and holistic development, and inspire donors and volunteers to be partners in creating a life-long impact on the lives of the children.

Programs and Services:


In this program, the organization tend to the needs of young children in the residential facility. The children stay in the facility until a permanent placement is made, either through adoption or reunification to their birth families.

Services in this program include:

1. Home Life and Group Living Services

2. Health and Nutrition Services

3. Recreational Services

4. Social Services

5. Spiritual Services

6. Referral Services

7. Pre-adoption Services

8. Volunteer Services

EDWARD A. STROHSCHEIN PROGRAM (Educational Assistance thru Sponsorship)

This program assists children from marginalized families, whose ages range from 7 to 16 years old, through services geared towards their holistic development.

Services in this program include:

1. Educational Assistance

2. Case Management

3. Values Formation and Spiritual Services

4. Health and Medical Services

5. Arts, Sports and Recreational Services

6. Family Welfare Services

7. Volunteer Services

Target Beneficiaries:

  1. Children who are abandoned, neglected, orphaned and surrendered whose ages range from 0 to 2 years at the time of admission.

  2. Children from urban poor families who are 7 to 15 years of age.

Area of Coverage:

​Concordia Children’s Services is open to serve all abandoned, neglected, orphaned and surrendered children throughout Metro Manila area and the nearby provinces, who have been referred by hospitals (both government and private), individual and agencies.

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