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“Fear Not”, A Message to Parents and Caregivers of Children in COVID-19 Confinement

by admin | April 2, 2020 | Fear Not

In the light of the drastic change in lifestyle and mobility of people, including children, for which confinement at home in enhanced Community quarantine (ECQ) is the new norm, children are absorbing the stress the adult exhibits due to the prolonged home quarantine.


Since March 10 schools have closed and children are confined at home unprepared for the school at home arrangement. Parents are also with with their children 24/7. Confinement at home increases irritations and stress of taking care of children which may result to violence against children.


Unicef[1] said “Schools are closing. Parents are struggling to care for their children and make ends meet. The protection risks for children are mounting”. 


One of the concerns now  of PCMN is how to provide psycho-social support to children in at home situation. Operation Safe International , a long time partner organization of PCMN in child protection in emergencies, developed an information campaign, making them accessible through illustrated animal characters and teaches about protection of self from CORONA VIRUS. The campaign materials provides children affirmation and security, and teaches them “Fear Not”  because: 1) You Are Not Alone, 2) Everyone is Important, 3) Be Strong and Courageous, 4) Follow and Believe, and, 5) You Are Loved.


We share to you the materials produced by Operation Safe International, which comes in both English and Visayan languages to which you can freely use to explain COVID-19 to children, assuring safety from the virus, if they follow the simple guidelines of personal hygiene.


Fear Not Graphics -English Version
Fear Not Graphics - Visaya/Cebuano Version
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