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Mezzanine Flr. Glory to God Bldg, Sampaguita St., Mapayapa 3, Pasong Tamo, Quezon City


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Rhoda Ministries Network, Inc.


A church and community where children live well, reach their potential, are free from harm and play a part.

  • Live well: survival rights

  • Reach their potential: development rights

  • Are free from harm: protection rights

  • Play a part: participation rights


  • To increase awareness among various stakeholders on the plight of children domestic workers and other children in potential risk of exploitation;

  • In partnership with the family, support the educational needs of children in formal and non-formal school;  

  • To enhance children’s self-esteem, value of self & physical well-being; 

  • To prevent abuse and exploitation from happening to the children.

Programs and Services:

  • Conduct of Life Skills Module for Children at Risk

  • School Support for Children in Formal School

  • Alternative Learning School to Out of School Adults 

  • Children’s Camp    

  • Advocacy with Stake Holders 

  • Monthly meeting of Local Coordinators

  • Empowerment of Families of Children at Risk

  • Capacity Building of Partner Churches & Organization

  • Joint Christmas Celebration

Target Beneficiaries:

  • Street Children

  • Abandoned

  • Neglected

  • Orphaned

Area of Coverage:

Child domestic worker



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