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Executive Director


Ministry Address:

24 Parinas Street, Road 20

Brgy.Bahay Toro

Project 8, Quezon City


Telephone No.




Mobile No.

09064884776 or 09999739527


Email Address:



House of Refuge, Inc.


We are an effective Christian child-caring institution where our client children are nurtured in the Christian faith and provided opportunities to:

  1. Develop or regain healthy self-esteem.

  2. Develop the ability to establish and maintain good interpersonal relationship.

  3. Acquire basic skills for daily living.

  4. Develop a capability to effect meaningful changes in their lives with the help of skilled, knowledgeable and mature Christian workers.



To pursue and promote the total well-being of client children and enable them to become well-adjusted, productive citizens who have a strong Christian foundation.


  1. To provide temporary residential care in an atmosphere approximating a normal Christian home to orphaned and abused and abandoned children.

  1. To nurture and enrich the spiritual lives of client children.

  2. To inculcate moral values and positive character.

  3. To provide other basic needs for food, clothing and medical care.

  4. To provide educational opportunities whether formal or informal.

  5. To prepare children for placement in alternative family care.

  6. To pursue legal procedures as needed

Programs and Services:

House of Refuge has 3 major programs: Residential Care, Alternative Family Care through legal adoption and Independent Living. Under Residential Care Program, the following services are provided to the children:

  1. Formal and Non-formal Education

  2. Health Care and Nutrition

  3. Socio-cultural and Recreational Activities

  4. Character Building and Spiritual Nourishment

  5. Psychological Evaluation

  6. Homelife

  7. Life Skills Training and Preparation for Independent Living

  8. Intensive Adoption Preparation for Children

  9. Case Work and Group Work by a trained Licensed Social Worker

  10. Volunteer Service

Target Beneficiaries:

1. Children who are abandoned, orphaned, neglected and surrendered for adoption  with ages ranging from 4 to 12 years old, male and female.

2. Former House of Refuge children who were reunited to their parents/relatives who needed extended educational assistance based on the thorough assessment by the Social Worker.

3. House of Refuge children ages 16 years old and above, who have not been placed-out for adoption and are prepared for independent living.

Area of Coverage:

House of Refuge operates only in Metro Manila.

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