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Jonathan Pieren

Executive Director


Ministry Address:

HELP International CMC

City Mission / Father’s House

495 New York Street

Brookside Hills Subdivision, Gate 3

1900 Cainta, Rizal



Telephone No.

02 655 96 01


Email Address:



Harvesters for Christ Foundation, Inc. 


More lives especially those of children at risk, youth, young men, young women and families in crisis situation will be restored and live a life transformed by God.

Restored and Transformed life definition: children,young men and women and families, reach their full potential, protected from harm and play a part as God has intended. To have restored relationships with God, self, with others and with environment; impact the clients’ life positively.



We aim to reach the poor and the needy, particularly the children, youth and their families in the streets and squatter areas, through evangelism to bring them to an awareness of God by teaching them Christian values and ministering to their felt physical and emotional needs. We seek personal relationships with these families and provide them with medical and educational assistance when necessary. We also aim to serve as coordinating organization by networking with other NGOs and churches whenever we are unable to meet specific needs.

Programs and Services:

The Father's House is a home for neglected, abused and/or orphaned children and adolescents aged six years and up.

Target Beneficiaries:

​Neglected, abused and/or orphaned children and adolescents aged six years and up.

Area of Coverage:

​Region 4A

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