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Caring for the Carers: Cash Relief  In

COVID-19 Pandemic

by admin | April 12, 2020 | Caring for the Carers

For those in the frontlines and people who

care for others, we often forget that they

need care too! They were placed by God in

leadership positions to encourage, provide

directions to their flock and networks, and

absorb the burden of care for the needy in

their midst.


Pastor Eleazar Comajig is a pastor of New

Life Fellowship Iligan, a local church in the

city. Pastor Eleazar is also a Board Member

& Chair of the the Planning Committee of

the Iligan Children’s Ministries Network

(ICMN), an association of fifteen local

congregations of evangelical churches

responding to children’s issues in the city.

He likewise is actively engaged in Shekinah

Prayer Ministry, and a member of PCMN’s regional prayer network, established to pray for churches and faith-based groups amidst the pandemic.


When PCMN conducted cash relief for its regional leaders, he has this to say, “Thank you very much for the gift extended to us. I have four (4) people who are added in our family at this time of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). They are church members whose parents are separated, three of whom are minors. We take care of these kids in this crisis, whose carers are absent. We engage them every night in our family devotion. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 1:9)”.


Suzette Buala is the Chairperson of the Steering Committee of the Alliance of Children’s Ministries in Negros (ACMN), an association of fifteen churches and faith-based groups responding to children’s issues in Bacolod City. She has this to say, “Thank you, this is a big help to me, a senior citizen with ischemic heart disease. I prayed today, ‘Lord, I look to you as my provider, not on anyone else’. This cash relief is an answer to my prayers. She added, Nahum 1:7 said, which read, He knows those who take refuge in Him”.


Nerissa Soledad, also of ACMN has this to say, “ Thank you PCMN for being mindful of the needs of the Coordinators of the local networks.  This act of grace will surely made the network  leaders feel loved and cared for. The Lord continually bless PCMN and its leadership. Together, let us be secured under the Lord’s protection”.


At times, it is the carers who have no one to turn to when need knocks on their door. Leaders who dispense helps, dismiss their needs in favor of others. This initiative has been thought of to care for the carers, that as they care for others, someone is at their back caring for them too.


PCMN has five (5) local networks namely, Mindanao Children’s Minsitries Network (MCMN), Iligan Children’s Ministries Network (ICMN), Eastern Samar Child’s Rights Advocates Net (ACMN), Northern Samar Children’s Ministries Network (NSCMN). Another emerging regional network is situated in Rizal province, currently engaged in the Let’s Eliminate Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children in Antipolo City.

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